The following letter was sent to the Tom Leykis show by my husband, Mark, after listening to disparaging remarks made by Tom on the air against NASCAR, Dale Eanrhardt, and NASCAR fans. For those of you who don't listen to the show, I must explain Mark's use of the word "whore" when referring to Tom's wife. Tom himself describes his wife in this manner, and Mark's comments are only meant to demonstrate the point that Tom has crossed the lines of bad taste and is now wading chin dip in his own crap.

We are sharing this email with you, our fellow NASCAR fans, in hope that you too will be outraged by this crass and vulgar incident and will join us in alerting Tom's producers, host stations, and sponsors of our intent to TUNE OUT this radio program. Yes, our constitution protects Tom's freedom of speech, but it also serves to protect our freedom to choose what we listen to. His producers, sponsors and host stations have a RIGHT to know what the American public feels is "crossing the line" so that they have the opportunity to choose whether to support his actions and statements.

NASCAR fans who wish to contact the Tom Leykis show should use the following email addresses:

Email Tom :

Email Gary, Tom's Producer:

Mark's letter to Tom

Tom, you have finally succeeded in alienating at least one more listener with your untimely comments about the death of Dale Earnhardt and your narrow minded generalizations of the NASCAR fan base. I probably don't fit the cliché identity you have invented for the typical NASCAR fan as I still have all of my teeth. I do not now nor have I ever lived in a trailer house. What tobacco stains I have are from smoking an occasional Royal Vintage Butera cigar as opposed to yanking the corner off of a plug of Redman or sucking a big fuzzy dip of Skoal. I'm probably somewhat better educated than your vision of the typical NASCAR fan. I have degrees in audio engineering and electronics. Last but not least I'm still married to my first wife.

As for your show, I understand your need to shock and enrage people. That is what you feed on. It's so you can continue to maintain your self indulgent lifestyle and maintain the whore you keep as your wife. And as bad as I hate to admit it now, I enjoyed listening to you brow beat your callers. I also found your exposes of the abuse of our civic and government systems enlightening and entertaining, but I will not listen to you berate a noble and talented human being at the time of his death.

Tom, you won't be in the car with me on my journey home from work ever again (you must be heartbroken). And I'm sure that when Tiger Woods dies and you make some disrespectful three hour trash fest out of it, you'll lose another small chunk of your market share. And when you lambaste the eventual death of John Elway you will erode yet another chunk of that valuable commodity, your listeners. And as you continue down this utterly tasteless and disrespectful path, I'm sure you will eventually distill your audience down to the one tenth of one percent of the listeners in your markets that have no respect for human life or human achievements and that narrow little market won't be able to support you. Then you can take what's left of your small fortune you've made off the tragedies faced by other human beings and squander it with your friends,the people that will take payment to sit and listen to you emitting the foul gas of your abuse. And when the money is gone, you will be left with no one, a small, petty man with a big mouth.

I'm quite certain you won't have the balls to share this letter with your audience and if you do, I'm sure you will manage to paraphrase it down to nothing more than my grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. That would be keeping with your style of lumping NASCAR fans into your design of us generally being inbred rubes. Rest assured that I will make my feelings known to your sponsors and to the local host of your show, not that it will do any good, I'm sure they get a bucket load of this kind of protest everyday. I will have at least exercised my right as an American to express my opinion.

Good bye, Tom

Mark Murray
Dallas, TX