2004 Texas 500


The Race I forgot to UCAP

Yes, I'm a ditz!
I remember being really busy around the time of this race, and I remember trying to make web slide shows out of my pictures to save a little space (Hey, the Archives are starting to get FULL!). But I thought I had finished the pages and uploaded them to the website. Two years later, I'm finding that I never finished it! I couldn't even find where I posted a UCAP to the RASNM newsgroup. I've had a chance to sleep at least once since then, and I don't remember a darned thing, so I guess a few pix and a little commentary is about as good as it gets.

Thursday, April 1

Mom and I spent Thursday with my friend Stephanie, including a stop at the Lennox corporate offices in Richardson, Texas. Lennox is a proud sponsor of Rusty Wallace and the #2 Miller Lite car. They also just happen to be the employer of Stephanie's husband, Todd. Todd told us that Rusty makes an appearance at Lennox every year to meet the employees and their families and to sign autographs, so he and Stephanie invited us to go.

Lennox Employee Race Day

Friday, April 2

I don't remember much about the day. We bought some great candied pecans from a vendor under the grandstands, and Robby Gordon was signing autographs at his merchandise trailer after qualifying.

Early morning



Saturday, April 3

Ah, the days when there was still a "happy hour" practice on Saturday morning.....

Happy Hour

Sunday, April 4

A few of the pictures illustrate one of the main reasons why I don't like sitting underneath the suite level -- huge metal supports that block your view.

Race Day

That's it for 2004!


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