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A fan's thoughts in the Aftermath....

Words cannot express how I am feeling right now. Richard Petty may be the King, but to me, Dale Earnhardt WAS NASCAR. I've been a fan for as long as I can remember, and he touched my life in ways I am only beginning to comprehend.

I'll never forget how hard I laughed every time I saw him give his infamous "You're Number One" salute, or give a winning driver that little bump of "congratulations" as he passed him on the cool-down lap. And then there was the daring "pass in the grass", the "slingshot", and the "bump and run". And just how many times did he "bump" the pace car to say "hello"? Dale Earnhardt brought the "race" to racing. Mark and I loved to watch Dale and Rusty (Mark's favorite driver) duke it out in the final laps of an intense race. And it was always impressive to watch him work his way up from the back of the pack to take charge of the race.

I still can't believe he's gone. Mark broke the news to me. After the race, I was on the internet for two hours looking for any kind of news about his condition. I knew it was bad. All the signs were there. As Darrell Waltrip said, "Those are the bad ones. The ones where you run head first into the wall. Those are the ones that hurt you." And then there was the expression on Ken Schrader's face when he was asked about Earnhardt and the wreck -- he looked like he had seen something no one should ever have to see. Even still, I thought that perhaps he was just injured, a few broken bones. A little time, some healing, and he would be back on the track, putting the bumper to everything between him and the checkered flag. The worst thing that I could imagine was the possibility that he'd be out of contention for that 8th Championship. It never occurred to me that he could be gone.

And then Mark told me. I cried. I'm still crying. I pick up my Coca-cola black-and-white checkered coffee mug, and I think about Dale. I always drink out of that mug on Sundays. I can't walk through my den without seeing reminders of him everywhere -- pictures, magazines, die casts, even my favorite slot car. How can I make blueberry muffins without thinking of our Sunday morning tradition? Dozens of friends and family have called or emailed to offer their condolences. Most of them don't even watch NASCAR or any kind of auto racing, but even they feel the loss.

I'm hurt. I'm angry. I feel cheated. I feel like Dale was cheated. Would he have gotten that 8th Championship? Would he win at Texas while I was there in the grandstands, watching? And part of me insists that it must be a mistake. How could NASCAR's brightest star be gone? Surely that can't be right! Dale Earnhardt can't die, he's invincible! But no, my hero has died, and with him a dream. It is a devastating loss for all of us.

So now we say good-bye. We will cherish fond memories of "The Man in Black", "The Intimidator", old "Ironhead", and there will be a hole in our hearts where Dale's supposed to be. In time it will heal, but it will never be the same. A part of us is gone, and nothing we can say or do will ever change that. But we can share our memories with others, and we can take comfort in knowing that we are not alone. And so to that end, I present these web pages. In memory of Dale Earnhardt, and in hopes that it will help express the pain that we all feel.

Dale, you are, and ever shall be my hero.

Video Slide Show Tribute

Check out the upgraded version of my Dale Earnhardt Tribute! Most of the photos come from the r.a.s.n Racing Image Archives and the Associated Press. You will need QuickTime or a comparable streaming video player to view these. A free version of QuickTime can be downloaded here:

Currently there are three versions of this movie available:

At this time, the files are being hosted on a temporary server which shuts down for periodic maintenance. If you have trouble accessing the files, try back again later.

Dale Earnhardt Tributes

Jaski has put together a Tribute to Dale Earnhardt website that has news articles, quotes and comments from the NASCAR community, and Dale Earnhardt fan pages of all kinds. It's the best compilation of Earnhardt resources I've seen.

Sue's Dale Earnhardt Page Sue has always had an excellent website and she maintains an awesome newsletter that any NASCAR fan can appreciate.

That's Racin' Website Tributes Nice slide show. Lots of news.

Dale Earnhardt Images A truly awesome pictoral tribute with over 200 images. A must see.

Rappy has literally TONS of stuff you just can't miss. Wallpaper, screensavers, links to even more tributes, you name it!

Reflections of a Winner Speed Magazine put together this GREAT page full of Dale Earnhardt articles, tributes, and updates.

Originally published by "The Charlotte Observer":

Posted in r.a.s.n.m. Usenet Newsgroup

"During the race I heard Dale talking to Childress on the radio, complaining
that the aero-dynamics package which was modified for this race by NASCAR
"'s making things real scary out here..... I'd rather they go
back to the small restrictor plates than do this....somebody's gonna' get
killed out here."

A Speech Given by the Character G'kar from the TV show "Baylon 5"
as posted by Tom Bond in the r.a.s.n.m. newsgroup

"It was the end of the earth year 2260, and the war had paused, suddenly and
unexpectantly. All around us it was as if the universe was holding its
breath, waiting. All of life can be broken down into moments of transition,
or moments of revelation. This had the feeling of both.

"G'Quan wrote, 'There is a greater darkness than the one we fight, it is the
darkness of the soul that has lost its way.' The war we fight is not
against powers and principalities, it is against chaos and despair. Greater
than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against
this peril we can never surrender.

"The future is all around us, waiting, in moments of transition, to be born
in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future or where it
will take us. We know only that it is always born in pain."

(As spoken by G'Kar in the Babylon 5 episode "Z'Ha'Dum". Performed by
Andreas Katsulas. Written by J. Michael Straczynski)

Is it a "3"?

WBTV Channel 3 in Charlotte reported that a cloud in the shape of a number 3 was seen in the sky over the DEI complex. It is such a small image that it was difficult to tell what you were looking at, so I enlarged it a bit.

You be the judge:

Is it a 3?
Many people thought they saw something a little unusual over the Earnhardt race headquarters in Mooresville. Take a close look at the area that's highlighted in this picture. Does that whisp of cloud look like a number three to you? That's what a lot of folks thought when they saw this Tuesday morning, including our photographer, Bobby Hager. Of course, Dale Earnhardt drove the #3 Chevy.

Statements and Quotes from the NASCAR family

" This is understandably the hardest announcement I've ever had to make. We've lost Dale Earnhardt."
-- Mike Helton, President of NASCAR

"NASCAR has lost its greatest driver ever, and I personally have lost a great friend."
-- Bill France, Jr., Chairman of NASCAR

"My heart is hurting right now. I would rather be any place right this moment than here. It's so painful."
-- Michael Waltrip, Winner of the 2001 Daytona 500

"Dale Earnhardt was much more than a race car driver. He was a very loving husband and a proud father and grandfather. He was a successful businessman. He was also a hero to millions of racing fans throughout the world."
-- Richard Childress, Owner of the #3 GM Goodwrench Team

"He was what NASCAR is."
-- Shawna Robinson

"For a lot of fans, Dale Earnhardt was what they thought about when they thought about NASCAR racing. He could do so much and was so talented. He knew it, and he knew you knew it. That grin of his, a lot of times you wouldn't know what he was thinking but you thought you did. And it might not mean a thing in the world, but he knew you were trying to figure it out."
-- Kyle Petty

"He was what we were all trying to be on the race track, and he was what we would like to be off the track, too"
-- Mike Wallace

"In Memory of My Only Hero"
-- seen on a sign painted by an Earnhardt fan

"We were going to grow old together."
-- Darrell Waltrip

"We will never fill the void left by the loss of Dale Earnhardt"
-- H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler, President of Lowe's Motor Speedway

"He was 'The Man.' That sounds kind of silly to say, and a lot of people use it superficially, but it just fits him. He was THE MAN."
-- Mike Wallace

"In Victory Lane, I just couldn't wait till I got that big grab on the neck and a big hug. I just knew any minute that Dale was gonna run in Victory Lane and say, 'That's what I'm talkin' about right there.' But that wasn't to be. My belief is that in the twinkle of an eye, you're in the presence of the Lord, and that's where I think Dale is. And so, instead of pattin' ME on the back, and having a party with ME, he's up there hangin' out with my dad. So that ain't a bad thing, either."
-- Michael Waltrip

"I'm sure he'd want us to keep going, so that's what we're going to do."
-- Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

More quotes and condolences can be found at:

Dale Still Intimidating

Daytona, FL - "The Intimidator" may still be racing at Daytona. Several
anonymous sources at Daytona International Speedway have experienced
unexplained phenomenon since the death of auto racing legend, Dale
Earnhardt, at this year's Daytona 500.

Known as "The Intimidator" for his aggressive style of racing, Dale
Earnhardt had the most wins, of all NASCAR drivers, both past and present,
at the Daytona Speedway. In 1998, after 19 unsuccessful attempts, he won the
famed Daytona 500 for the first time.

A number of people have heard engine sounds coming from the third stall of
the garage area where the cars are worked on during the race. Upon further
investigation during a balmy Florida evening, it has been reported that the
stall was quiet and unoccupied, however noticeably colder then the adjacent
surrounding area.

Others that were in the stands have heard the clear sound of a single car
racing around the banked track. The sound starts to fade out and disappears
around the fourth turn where the tragic accident occurred that killed the
seven-time Winston Cup champion.

There has been no official comment from Daytona International Speedway
management or NASCAR officials. An employee that wished to remain anonymous
said, " It's kind of eerie to think that, Dale may still be racing to win in
a race he'll never finish."

From the Associated Press News Service

WACO, Texas -- President Bush called the widow of Dale Earnhardt on Sunday night to express his condolences after the race car driver was killed in a crash at the Daytona 500.

Bush spokesman Gordon Johndroe said the President's "prayers are with the Earnhardt family and the NASCAR community."

Bush has attended NASCAR events and considered Earnhardt and his wife, Teresa, to be friends.

In July, Bush visited Daytona Beach to serve as Grand Marshal of the Pepsi 400 and shook hands with NASCAR fans, racing crews and drivers.

After greeting fans during the July visit, Bush sat in on the pre-race driver's meeting, taking a seat in the front row next to Earnhardt.

Bush then watched the race in the private box of NASCAR Chairman Bill France, Jr.

Songs to Remember Him By

This is a list of songs that make me think of Dale.
Listen to them and see if you don't think of him, too.

I'm Gonna Be Somebody
Travis Tritt
(one of Dale's favorite songs)

I Hope You Dance
Leanne Womack
(played at Dale's memorial service)

The Dance
Garth Brooks

One More Day
Diamond Rio

Tell Me I Was Dreamin'
Travis Tritt

An open letter to fans from Teresa Earnhardt
USA Today (2/23/01)

I can never fully express my immense gratitude for the overwhelming support we have received.

It would be easy at this time to get lost in the sadness of losing a loving husband, father and grandfather. However, I and our family, as well as everyone at Dale Earnhardt Inc., have chosen to take this time to reflect not on the sadness we feel today, but on the joy Dale Earnhardt the man brought to us and Dale Earnhardt the driver brought to so many fans for so many years.

It is a joy that will carry us through the sadness and grief of this day and many days to come.

For our children, Kerry, Kelley, Dale Jr. and Taylor, he was a father whose pride in his children was greater than even his strongest desire as a competitor.

For his mother, Martha, he was a son who always wanted to make sure she had what she needed.

For his brothers and sisters, he was always an influential part of their lives.

For his employees, he could be both demanding and praising and had the ability to create the same desire to win in the crews and drivers that he had in himself. He was very proud of what the teams at Dale Earnhardt Inc. had been able to do in a very short period of time and the people who helped it happen and supported its acceleration.

For his fans, there simply was no one more sensational and with that I agree.

There were two sides to Dale Earnhardt, and I am so blessed to have known both for the qualities they carried.

The public Dale Earnhardt wanted to be the best. The competitive drive that burned inside of him gave him the passion to win. If he was racing, he wanted to win the most races and championships. If he was fishing, he wanted to catch the most fish.

The private Dale Earnhardt, the husband and father and son and brother, wanted to be the best as well. He struggled with that at times. Emotions didn't come as easy to this man who stirred so much emotion in other people. But as his children grew and began making decisions of their own, he saw that most of the time, they made the decision by asking themselves, ''What would dad do?''

I will ask myself that in the coming days and weeks and for a long time after that, I'm sure. ''What would Dale do?''

I think what Dale would do, and what Dale would want us to do, is remember the joy that his life brought. Remember the things about him that made you happy that you were his fan. Remember the man who loved life.

He was the happiest person I know, and that can comfort us all.

Gratefully, Teresa Earnhardt

*There is a beautiful keepsake collage of Dale in the center of the sports section, with instructions on how to properly preserve it. All Earnhardt fans should check it out.

From an unknown source...

From ABC World News Tonight 2/20/01

The manufacturer of the HANS head and neck restraint device has received 50 new orders for the device since the death of Dale Earnhardt.

Monuments, Memorials, and Recognitions

In lieu of flowers, the Earnhardt family asks that you consider donations to:
Carolina Foundation
Attn: Honor of Dale Earnhardt
PO Box 34769
Charlotte, N.C. 28234-4769

Wear A Black Ribbon As Tribute
Jaski's reported a "Wear a Black Ribbon" campaign as a tribute to our hero Dale Earnhardt. Fans are encouraged to pass the word to others.

Retire #3
A petition has been started requesting that NASCAR retire the #3 in honor of Dale Earnhardt's contributions to the sport. Recent statements by Richard Childress, owner of the #3 GM Goodwrench car, indicate that NASCAR has granted the team a moratorium on the number for this year only, and insinuate that if Childress fails to run the number next year, it will be available for licensing to other teams. Childress stated that the Goodwrench team will NOT run the #3 for this year, nor will they EVER again run a #3 car with a black and white GM Goodwrench paint scheme. Childress went further to state that NASCAR informed him that it DOES NOT retire car numbers. If you believe that the #3 should be retired, please join us in this petition. NASCAR must listen to it's fans.

Petition to Retire #3

Naming an Award after our Hero
Many fans have been trying to come up with suitable tributes to our hero. One of the suggestions was to create a new award for the end of the season and name it after him. One of my favorite suggestions honors Dale's amazing Winston Cup Championship in the year following his Rookie season. The award would be given to the Sophomore driver who was highest in points at the end of the season. An alternative to this was a suggestion that it be giving to the outstanding sophomore driver by vote, which would make Dale Jr. the handsdown sure winner for ths year.

Crochet Partners Create Comfort-ghan for Earnhardt Family
In a very sweet gesture, members of the Crochet Partners group have gotten together to create a comfort afghan for the Earnhardt family. Memebers will be crocheting squares which the coordinator of the group will sew together. I will add a photo of the afghan as soon as it is completed. I will also have a list of participants as soon as the list is complete.

Fans remember Earnhardt at memorial service
Associated Press (2/25/2001)

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- Dale Earnhardt's fans streamed into his hometown baseball stadium Sunday for a memorial service.

About 5,000 people, most wearing the black-dominated gear of Earnhardt's racing team, braved a cool evening to attend the service at Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium.

"He was, and still is, our hometown hero," said Doug Stafford, vice president of Lowe's Motor Speedway about 10 miles away.

Earnhardt was killed Feb. 18 when his car hit the wall on the final turn of the Daytona 500. A nationally televised service Thursday in a Charlotte church was an invitation-only gathering for NASCAR drivers, teams and sponsors.

Earnhardt was buried Wednesday in a private service.

Earnhardt's oldest son, Kerry, and the driver's sisters, Cathy Watkins and Kay Snipes, spoke at the ballpark service.

Snipes, Earnhardt's oldest sister, read a Bible passage.

"The time of my departure is at hand. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith," she read, quoting the Book of Timothy.

"Tonight we celebrate Dale Earnhardt's life without him," Watkins said. "We're all here together.

Family, friends, with tears in our eyes. But we need to wipe those tears away and put smiles on our faces and know that Dale would want us that way. We wanted to say thank you from everyone in our family."

Kerry Earnhardt thanked the crowd for an outpouring of support and prayers for the family and its business.

"Keep up the support and concern and the loyalty to Dale Earnhardt Incorporated and NASCAR.

We still need you," he said.

Hours earlier, Dale Earnhardt Jr. survived a wreck that looked similar to the one that killed his father when he crashed into the wall on the first lap of the Dura Lube 400 in Rockingham, about 60 miles east of Kannapolis. The race was postponed until Monday due to rain.

The Class A baseball team that plays on the field was renamed the Intimidators, Earnhardt's nickname, after he became a part owner last year.

The Associated Press News Service

A very nice website for those who are mourning

The Tom Leykis Show

Apparently Tom Leykis made several distasteful and disrespectful comments on his nationally syndicated radio talk-show on Monday following the Daytona 500. I don't like the guy, so I didn't hear it. Hubby usually does listen, but as fate would have it, he was off, and so didn't hear it either. But as we understand it, Tom did several of his "Take me out like ....." but this time instead of a Princess Di car crash or a J. F. K Junior plane crash, it was "Take me out like Dale Earnhardt" complete with sounds of a wrecking car. In light of the fact that it was barely 24 hours since his passing, we find this COMPLETELY distasteful and obscene. In addition, Tom also made many disparaging comments about NASCAR, NASCAR fans, and NASCAR drivers, most of which described us as illiterate, inbred, trailer-trash boobs. Again, I stress that I did not hear this broadcast, nor did my husband, Mark, but he did listen to the Tuesday broadcast during which Tom aired calls and letters from NASCAR fans who were complaining about the Monday broadcast. In screening the calls and letters he would air, Tom Leykis selected only the complaints which were either full of grammatical, punctuation, and/or spelling errors, or else were written with such intensity and anger that the message was lost within all the name-calling and mud-slinging (ie: hate mail). Tom used this tactic to further his point that NASCAR fans are illiterate scum of the earth.

To read our response to Tom, click here:

Tom Leykis Response

A few observations: Kevin Harvick wins Atlanta

It's the 3rd race since Dale died, and Harvick's 3rd race since replacing Dale.

Dale Jr. had something ruin his day for the 3rd week in a row since Dale's death and it happened with 3 laps to go (or that's when he went to the pits).

There has been a caution on the 3rd lap of the last 3 races.

This makes the 3rd win for a team related to Dale.

Harvick tried 3 times to pass Dale Jarrett and Jerry Nadeau and did so on the 3rd try.

Harvick won by 3 inches.

Harvick won 3 races in Busch Series before moving to Winston Cup, and he finished 3rd in the Busch Point Standings in 2000.

Richard Childress Racing is now 3rd in owner's standings.

If any of these are wrong, please let me know.

What's the big hurry?

Martha Earnhardt thought Ralph had lost his mind. All those nights in the garage out back. Three, four nights a week, he'd go racing. Doing good, but he could kill himself. And he takes the boy with him all over Carolina. I'm waiting tables at the Dinette, my husband's racing. We're living in a neighborhood called Car Town. On Sedan Street. Some one of these danged nights, Ralph will just die with that car. And he did.

Darrell Waltrip on Good Morning America 2/20/01

Darrell related a story about his wife Stevie and how she made a habit of searching for meaningful Bible verses to pass along to him on race days. One day a few years ago, Dale saw her putting a verse in Darrell's car, and Dale asked what it was. Darrell explained that before every race Stevie would find a passage that related to the race or to their lives in some way, and Darrell carried this with him while he raced. Dale was so touched by this that he asked Stevie if she would prepare verses for him as well, and so she did from then on. Darrell went on to tell how excited Dale was when Stevie brought him a new verse on the morning of the Daytona race, even though Darrell has retired. According to Darrell, this is the verse she gave him:

Proverbs 18
"A strong man will run to the Lord, and he will find safety, and he will cling to it."

Darrell finished his story by reminding us that Dale ran to the Lord that day, and he's safe there now.

I thought this was such a poignant story and the verse so appropriate that I had to share it here. Unfortunately, Darrell did not give the exact chapter and verse. When I went looking for it, I found two that were similar, but none that were exactly the same. I attributed this to variations between different versions of the Bible, and have received confirmation that it was indeed the following verse:

Proverbs 18:10
"The Lord is a strong fortress. The godly run to him and are safe."
(The Living Bible)

"The name of the Lord is a strong fortress. The righteous will run to it and be safe."

As Darrrell said, Dale ran to the Lord that day.

We miss you, Dale.

God Bless and God Speed


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